Folding Table Bases

A heavy duty, smooth action table base range that allows for easy table storage.

With the ever increasing need for reliable and easy to store table space, BIC Industries offers a folding table range to cater for all of your needs. Convert your office space into a conference room in seconds with the Azile folding table base. Alternatively, our standard folding table base is perfect for any space that requires tables to be regularly transferred from in use to in storage.

Azile Base: Sienna Table Base


The Sienna Azile Base is a heavy duty folding base, perfect for conference tables. It's unique design has a smooth action including heavy duty breaking castors allowing for easy wheeling away.

The Azile is available as standard, powdercoated uprights and chrome fins or non standard options include fully powdercoated or fully chromed.

This base is available as a fixed as well as folding base and is sized to meet individual needs.


Standard Folding Table Base


These budget folding table bases are perfect for table tops that require frequent transportation or reposition. Their simple design makes them stackable for easy storage due to requiring minimal space.

Each base is sized to suit customers individual needs and has a powdercoat finish.

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